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Why booking with Hotelissima

Local assistance offered : Our local representative is at your disposal during your stay
Prices negotiated directly with hotels : Our local team are negotiating directly with the hotels, in order to guarantee the best rates
Great choice and important availability : We can confirm immediately your booking as most of the hotels are giving us an important number of rooms
Wide selection for every budget : As we are specialist of the islands, our selection has the best of the hotels, residences and villas
Regular visit of the hotels : Our local team are visiting regularly the hotels in order to check the quality
Guaranteed secure payment : In case of Hotelissima 's failure, the money paid on our site will be refunded thanks to our travel agent status (Licence n° 069-09-005) and membership to the APS (guarantee fund)
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  • Destination
    Hotelissima is currently offering 8 destinations : 4 in the Indian Ocean and 4 in the Caribbean.
  • Hotel
    Hotelissima is offering each day more than 1200 rooms dispatched on several islands. All the hotels, residences and villas are regularly visited by our local collaborators.
  • Availabilities
    Hotelissima, it is 4 colours for 4 room status.

    Availabble: : you can book. You will receive an instant confirmation right after your deposit.

    On request : we are out of stock. We are contacting the hotel within 48h. During this time, your credit card is not debited.

    Full : the hotel has no vacancy.

    Annual closure : it happens too that the hotel are on holiday.

  • Total price

    Our rates are negociated directly with the hotels. Every day, we are introducing new special offers to guarantee you the best rate.

    Hotelissima does not apply booking fees. The price you see on the website is the price you pay. This price includes as well a local helpline and the APS guarantee.

    With Hotelissima, you can book only with a 30% deposit. The remaining balance will be charged automatically 30 days before the beginning of your stay.

  • Booking

    Payments on our website have to be done by credit card. In case of an eventual technical problem, or if you wish to pay with other payment methods, please contact us by telephone on +33 469 164 111.

    Our website is protected by a security system (SIPS bank system with Banque Rhone Alpes) and is secure.

hotelissima 30 rue Ferrandiere 69002 Lyon - France | 00 33 469 164 111 fleche-bleue Mon-Fri 09:30-19:00 / Sat 10:00-13:00 GMT+1 Be fan of Hotelissima on facebook
hotelissima 30 rue Ferrandiere 69002 Lyon - France | 00 33 469 164 111 fleche-bleue Mon-Fri 09:30-19:00 / Sat 10:00-13:00 GMT+1

Why is Hotelissima unbeatable for paradise island hotels?

The best prices paradise holidays on the web

You’ll never overplay with Hotelissima. Every day we check our prices are the most competitive on the market. If they’re not, we immediately renogotiate so they are. Plus, unlike many tour operators, we don’t make money adding overpriced flights to the package. By booking hotel and flight seperately, you’ll save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Euro.

Friendly, knowledgeble advice our France based experts

Need some help or advice? Nos problem. Behind this website there’s a dedicated team of paradise hotel experts, all based at our offices in Lyon. If you need any help or advice at all, call is on 00 33 469 164 111 Mon-Fri 09:30-19:00, and Sat 10:00-13:00, we are here to help.

More choice than any other online agent

Choose from a huge portfolio of excellent hotels on Mauritius, Seychelles, the Maldives, Reunion Island plus 5 Caribbean Islands. All 303 hotels in the Hotelissima collection are regularly inspected by our local teams to ensure they adthere to our strict quality standards.

Fast and secure booking online or by telephone

Whether you book online or by telephone the process is quick, easy and 100% secure. Our payment systems are protected by XXXXX, and because we’re members of the APS, your payment is insured from the moment your make it until you return home from holiday.

Financial Security and Peace of Mind

You have peace of mind from the moment you book your holiday through Hotelissima. We are registered travel agents and full members of the APS Guarantee Fund, so in the unlikely event a supplier ceased trading, your get a full, prompt refund.